Welcome to Pislib De Varsity Group of Schools

We like to welcome you to Pislib De Varsity Group of Schools online presence and we believe you will find the contents of this website educative. Pislib De Varsity Group of schools is an idea conceived many years back; and with the help of God, this dream came to pass in the year 1998.

Our nursery and primary schools are of greatest standard you can ever find around Ibadan (the largest city in West Africa), Nigeria. And, also our records of outstanding performance in the secondary and pre-university schools especially the recently released results in NECO and WAEC could be attributed to high moral and educational standard we have instilled in the students.

Not minding the ancient sage which says ‘Charity begins at home’, we believe the school also have a greater part to play in the overall success of any student; and to achieve this, we have standards and traditions our students must learn by heart. Some of these are: lateness to school is not allowed; absenteeism is a more grievous than lateness; punctuality is always preached; assignments must be submitted at when due and subjects note must be up-to-date.

These among other standards have endeared the institution to the admiration of many parents and guardians within and outside the country. Many of our boarding students have their parents abroad and we have not slacked in our responsibilities to bring up good morals and emotional stability as promised.

We have recently put up a portal system where applications can be made to the Director of Studies (Mrs FAB Famade), results can be checked and printed online by parents and guardians, also observation on students conducts are posted to their profiles for the parents to see. We hope this will enhance communication between the school and the parents, and will in the long run bring the best out of our wards.

Finally, we will like to thank you for your support and cooperation enjoyed from the parents. We know the task to maintain the high standard and improve is enormous and herculean, but we would keep it up and going.

Thank you so much!

B O Famade , FCIDA